• 2007-08-07

    BYE BYE DISCO, D~I~S~C~O~bye~bye



    Time after time she is waiting in dance floor
    She is smooth she’s so lonely
    Time pass time the DJ is late
    She has to say good bye
    You and me just need a little patient
    Let’s go to the final party
    Dancing all night long the music is going on
    She is different from all the people
    Dancing all night long her body is moving on
    She is different from all the people

    那天站再MAO中间 看无数人大喊BYE BYE DISCO 我好像感觉什么东西完蛋了 什么东西牛B了

    有些坚持了多年的老B要滚蛋了 小杂种们上来了



  • 那天晚上太棒了 全场natural high!

    他们唱完byebye disco之后有一个红色的瞬间 太美了 我会一直记着那一刻的
  • 霹雳大王们。。!!